Support for associating a colour for environment

Taking inspiration from Auth0, is it possible to associate and optional colour to the environment in the environment dropdown?

Although, Kapstan does provide hint of where an app is going to be deployed, but, sometimes it really becomes hard to distinguish which environment am I in, as apart from the dropdown text, the majority of the UI has the same experience.

image image


Another way to solve this may be is we associate a predefined tag with the environment. Possibly {Development, Staging, Production, QA}

Would love hear thoughts around this.


Thanks for reporting this @Yashasvi_Sinha. We are indeed working on this issue.
We intend to introduce environment types soon in the system - and each environment type would have an icon for easy identification.
In addition to that, each environment would also have a colour associated with itself. So, if you have 2 development type environments, both of them would be highlighted in a different colour to further help differentiate between 2 environments.

Thanks @Sakshi
Much appreciated :raised_hands:

This is now live!
Screenshot 2024-04-03 at 11.20.03 AM

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Thanks @Sakshi :heart_decoration: this!